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Do you make all of your own dishes?

All of our dishes are prepared from raw ingredients, we do not buy in ready made products and pass them off as our own.
This includes all pastry, ice creams, desserts and canape.

We use a hand picked selection of local suppliers who we know will supply us with fresh, good quality ingredients.

What do your waiting staff wear?

Our waiting staff’s uniform consists of a black Nehru shirt, black full length apron and black trousers
and is intended to be very smart and discreet.

Where do you get your waiting staff from?

We have a wonderful pool of event staff employed directly by ourselves, having all been personally selected to be
part of the Amuse team.

We run our own payroll system ensuring that all of our employers and employees tax, national insurance and pension
contributions are paid, so as to meet our legal obligations.. 

Can you advise us on how much wine to provide?

We offer advice to all our clients on how much drink to provide, taking into account the specific requirements of their event

When do I have to confirm final numbers?

We require minimum final numbers and special diets 7 working days before your event

We haven't got a photographer or a florist yet can you offer any suggestions?

We can offer a range of recommendations of other suppliers including marquee companies, florists, cake makers, photographers, bands, DJ's etc.

Why do you charge VAT when some other quotes I have had do not?

As a successful company providing catering services we are legally obliged to be VAT registered and charge VAT.
It would be impossible for us to operate on a full time basis supplying not only food but staff and equipment
to our clients without meeting the threshold for registration 

This gives our clients the reassurance that we are a legitimate business that has been certified by HMRC
and that operates in a professional, legal and socially responsible manner.

What happens next and how can I book?

Please download our How it works guide for more information